Social media and cyberbullying

Good evening everyone. My name is Joey Wilson and I am a student at Harvard University. I appreciate being invited here to deliver my speech about this big topic: Cyberbullying.
At the end of my presentation I will allow some 5-10 minutes for questions, so I would be grateful if you could hold any questions until then.

I will be covering the topic cyberbullying in my speech and talk about a girl named Ellie Nudd who experienced heavy cyberbullying on social media. Or what do you guys think about the consequences for a victim being bullied on social media?

First, I will account for the pros and cons of using social media as a young person. Secondly, I will take a detailed look at how and why cyberbullying has become an increasing social problem.

Finally, I will discuss what we should do to combat cyberbullying from the individual person, schools, parents and society’s point of view.

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