A guy with orange spiked hair wakes up and looks at his phone. He is texting one of his friends about meeting at a hospital because their friend Lisa was in an accident.

He walks into the bathroom with his eyes glued to his phone. They are continuously fixed on the screen, even when he goes outside. He crosses the road without looking up from his phone and gets hit by a car.

We later see him lying in a hospital bed with his leg in a cast. He takes a picture of the cast on his foot and posts it online. The response is overwhelmingly positive. He brags to a boy sitting across from him.

The next day he takes a selfie in the bed, but he gets sad as the likes slowly start to disappear. The boy sitting across from him receives a present, presumably from a friend. He has not been on his phone yet.


There is constantly music in the background throughout the video. It's upbeat and ranges from a sort of angelic vibe to a more depressing one with the addition of a cello.

The music sets the tone for the video and gets the viewers in the right mindset to perceive the message displayed within the visuals.

Sound effects are also heavily used, mostly in the form of notification sounds but also from other things that are essential for the story e.g.

the sound of the car crashing into him as he crosses the street. This selective use of sound effects makes sure our focus stays within the story and on nothing else.

The use of specific colors is very prevalent in this video, since everything else than the main character is a shade of blue, whereas he and his phone is the complementary color of blue which is Orange.

This clearly separates him and his phone from his surroundings and forces our eyes to automatically register him as the main subject/character of the video.

The animations are very rough and almost south park- like. The benefit of the south park style of animation is that it takes your video away from reality.

However, that, in my opinion, contradicts the message, because this video doesn’t benefit from being viewed as a cartoon, because it’s trying to address a very real and realistic issue.