‘Self defense’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Two men have spent five and a half years together sharing the same prison cell and developed a relationship to one another.

In the short story "Self Defense" from 2014 the writer, Samuel Wilkes, gives an inside of the situation between two men on their journey when escaping prison and furthermore the mindset of our first-person narrator, Norman, who seems to be in denial with himself and his sexuality.

Near the end of the short story Daniel and Norman get caught breaking into a house by its owner and Daniel gets shot and dies.

The short story ends with a flashforward where Norman explains how he was found by the police and later went through testimony.

“Later I learned through testimony” (lllll. 183). The testimony tells us that this was some time after the night where they escaped.

The flashforward helps us understand what happened to Norman instead of leaving us in the unknown.

The ending of the short story could also mean that the entire story was a flashback. This makes sense since it is told in first-person narrator by Norman. This is confirmed at the stories start.

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