Pill Pusher | Essay analyse

Summary of Pill Pusher.

Carolyn A. Drake wrote in 2016 and a short story called Pill pusher. In the story the narrator proves and gives messages and, in the context, gives us a frame of mind the longer we get into the story.

The story first of starts in media res (P.1 L.1) “I realize that I have made a $70.000 mistake” It’s the first line of the story, that catch our attention, and makes us want to read further into the story.

The narrator then goes on, by the way of introduction to create the first frame of mind. (P.1 L.2,3) “My tired lips no longer capable of mimicking a faux-friendly customer service smile”.

In that context, we learn that the narrator is sick and tired of her job, at the Walgreen Pharmacy and is on the point of exploding at the customers. The suddenly at (P.1 L.4) “I’ve been waiting for fifteen minutes!” we’re introduced to the first problem of the story; a woman that goes by the name “Bug eyes” and her impatience.

Then the narrator goes on to judge a book by its cover and judges the women of her looks. It’s noticeable with furthermore that the main theme of the story is “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

The narrator is very flippant and goes on to say “This is an important lady, who has a fantastically important thing to tend today” (P.1 L.5,6) and the fact that the narrator has been working for the past three hours, does not make the situation any easier.

At (P.1 L.21) the desperate women known as “bug eyes” start an argument with the narrator about how she thinks the narrator is not doing anything at her/his job.

The argument then leads to the women’s voice going from annoyance to irrational anger. (P.1 L.25) “The woman’s voice rises over the decibel of annoyance to irrational anger”

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