Life is a gift, and the purpose of it is to enjoy it, no matter what happens. You are supposed to live the life you always dreamt about. Loads of people take life for granted

but at the very end they realize what they had lost through life. If you are dazzled by all the negative vibes, it can be hard to see through it, but the most important fact to remember is you only live once.

After John informs Sarah about the tumour in his ear, she is not in a hurry to rush him, and she can relax more: “And Sarah closed her eyes, and went hurtling into the welter of possibilities ahead, hoping that John would be right…” (p. 108-109, ll. 235-237).

Sarah is confirmed that he still wants to be with her after all, and she can relax more in the situation with John because they aren’t sure about how long time he has left after the announcement of the tumour.

To sum up, we see that Sarah is a dynamic character because of her development controlled by her relationship with John because of his tumour.