Nazism in France | Historie

After WW1, France was seen as a more liberal country, which welcomed many Jewishimmigrants. During the interwar period France was seen as a European country ofopportunities and equality by the Jewish people. The capital of France, Paris, was now becoming a growing center of the Jewish culture

Germany invaded France on May 10 1940. French and British armies fought together, but they were within weeks destroyed by the German armies. On June 22, 1940 France signed an armistice with Germany, which included access to the borders to Germany.

During the occupation, many Jews living in France was excluded from public life, which included dismissal from the military and public services. They were also prohibited from free medicine, teaching etc.

Generally many French people suffered from hunger, which was a result of the cut of imports. France also suffered from labour shortages, this was due to many French people was imprisoned because of their participation in the war.

Under the holocaust in France there was a lot deportation, persecution and annihilation of Jews between 1940 and 1944 when France was occupied by the germans during World War II The persecution began in 1940, and culminated in deportations of Jews from France to concentration camps in Germany and in the Nazi-occupied Poland which lasted until 1944.

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