Loose Change | 10 i karakter

1. Make a brief summary of the text.

2. Analyze relevant aspects of the text. In your analysis, you must for instance focus on:
- Narrator:
- Character(s)
- Theme(s)

3. Relate the text to things that we have read and/or seen in our English classes. Apart from the UK theme, it may of course be possible to relate it to other themes/sources as well – so think broadly!

i - narrator: The narrator characterizes herself as ‘’Londoner". She doesnt talk to strangers, unless it's absolutely necessary. she is unapproachable for other people.

Laylor: Laylor is from Uzbekistan. Her brother and Laylor had to leave their country, when their parents were arrested. She tells us that it all went so fast to come to a safe country, so they don't have anywhere to go and not a lot of money.

You can tell Laylor is from another country by the way she acts. She is lending a stranger money without any demands, even though she is poor. Something the narrator would never do.

Grandmother: Her grandmother would tell the family about her good samaritan. She started to love the newcomers, but now she hate the newcomers because she thinks she’s better than them.

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