“Like Mexicans” | Analyse | Gary Soto

Analysis of “Like Mexicans” by Gary Soto, 1986

In the short story “Like Mexicans” Gary Soto is undecided about what route he should pursue when moving on into the future.

He reflects on his teenage years and how his grandmother and mother affected him.

His grandmother wanted him to become a barber and marry a Mexican girl. His mother told him the same, but she still wanted him to find the right women, and not just somebody that he feels forced together with.

When Soto was in his twenties he ended up falling in love with a Japanese women named Carolyn.

The story is from the narrator’s view and is writing in past tense, as he reflects back on his teenage years.

One of the main themes of the story is race and social class.

Soto’s family wants him to marry somebody from his own race.

Someone who is not richer then him, and understands what he comes from.

Their all want him to marry a Mexican girl.

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