Last of the Dogmen | Opgave | Engelsk

1. First of all, give a summary (spoken) of the film. Try to include as many details as you can and take turns to talk.

2. Which genres do you recognize in this film? when and how?

3. Describe the hero of the film (Gates). What archetype is he? what makes him the hero and which American ideals does he fulfill?

5. Who is the “bad guy” in the film?

6. How are Native Americans portrayed in this film? Give a precise and detailed answer

A bounty hunter (Lewis) is sent into the woods to find three escaped prisoners.

Lewis finds the prisoners dead; he sees something that is a complete mystery to him. Accompanied by his "friend" Lillian, they go into the woods.

They discover what Lillian has been studying her whole life - a Native American tribe.

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