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The topics I will be discussing in this essay is pros, cons, and responsibilities of reality TV shows. More specifically the cancellation of the Jeremy Kyle show.

Reality shows are somewhat common today, but when we can easily group 2 types of reality shows; Scripted reality and raw reality (such as the Jeremy Kyle show).

But our topic is about the Jeremy Kyle show, that has made one of the biggest British broadcasting scandals in many years.

English essay
Jeremy Kyle tv show
- The Pros:
- The Cons
- Conclusion:

The Pros:
If you survive the first weeks of becoming famous, you will often gain a massive fanbase (followers) on social media. Suddenly you will also be attracting big companies that can make you a lot of money.

So, it is possible to live the most of your life comfortably as a celebrity (however, you may lose followers cause of lost interest and thereby also sponsorships). As an influencer you are likely to receive products from the companies you are promoting.

The Cons
Some of the cons Alex talks about in the video, is the disconnection between the life portrayed on the show, and the real “real” life. Many people assume that the stars of the show continue to have the same life they had when starring the program.

Which is true to some extent. But the person can never come back to their ordinary life, as they have gained a lot of fans.

So now you’ll have to get used to being stopped on the streets, the social media apps going crazy on your phone and a lot of other stressful factors that comes with fame.

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