Hummel was founded in 1923 as a shoe and sports brand and their primary focus was football and handball.

Hummel is one of the oldest and most dedicated brands in team sports, with the them sponsoring clothes for the Danish national team, AGF, Brøndby IF, Aalborg Handball and many more .

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The first sponsorship deal made was in 1968 with Duisburg from the German Bundesliga and since then it has only gotten better and better with the big teams such as Real Madrid in 1988, they are now sponsoring many of the big Danish clubs such as Brøndby IF.

Their turnover also shows that they are doing well, as you can see from that increase from 2016 to 2018. In 2016, their turnover was DKK 615,895 and in 2018 it was DKK 799,019 .

Hummel is a B2C business because the finished product ends up with the consumer. They are also B2B, since they sell to Intersport and Sportsmaster, for example.

They are in the most European countries and some of their biggest customers are in Turkey. Zalando also sells it. Hummel has a lot of shops all over the world where you can buy their clothing e.g. Sportsmaster and Intersport in Denmark.