Hummel A/S | Afsætning

Hummel was founded in 1923 as a shoe and sports brand and their primary focus was football and handball. Hummel is one of the oldest and most dedicated brands in team sports, with the them sponsoring clothes for the Danish national team, AGF, Brøndby IF, Aalborg Handball and many more

Hummel's corporate form is A / S, so a joint-stock company. The owner is Thornico that is owned by Christian Stadil . They are in the fashion industry where they design sports clothes, shoes and sports accessories such as goalkeeper gloves. Their mission is to” CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH SPORT” .

In addition to the health benefits of sports and exercise, another mission for them is also CSR. They are committed to a sustainable world and to research in the environment. Hummel's whole idea was to create a brand through the sports world, and the way Hummel became known was by sponsoring various sports teams and athletes.
Hummel’s vison is to be more sustainable. They have 4 main areas.
1. Responsible products in all aspects.
2. Responsible production and supply chain management.
3. CSR dedicated employees
4. Company karma sponsor and partnerships .

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