‘Greenwashing’ | Essay | 10 i karakter

Can we be sure about the company's sustainability campaigns, when we see a lot of greenwashing in the world right now?

Are we living in a world with companies that are lying about what they do, to reduce their carbon footprint, just to make sure their brand is looking good. Greenwashing is a phenomenon that has been very popular among the world's companies.

If we talk about things that actually are helping the world compete against global warming, a product like fake meat, is for example, a new phenomenon you see more and more.

Fake meat is a plant-based product, and it is on the paper a good thing for the environment. But many people actually mean that it is just one of many greenwashing examples around the world.

If we only are buying fake meat, it will kill the old traditional farming, which is also good for the climate. It’s shown by reports that crop diversification sequesters more carbon, cycles nutrients more efficiently, reduces nutrient runoff and allows soil to retain more water — all of which makes farms more resilient to extreme weather.

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