‘Good sleep’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

People are busy with their own lives, focusing on their own problems. Although people present their lives as perfect, everyone is struggling with something.

The short story of "Sleep Well" (1993) by John Adams is a good example of how busy people are and worry about their lives. Instead, they should open their hearts and help those in need.

The short story begins in the media res, which means that we are thrown into the middle of the sto-ry. A short story takes place in Edinburg, England, where the main heroine lives.

George is also a very caring and kind person, which can be seen in the quote: "But he was also angry, angry at her arrogance: how dare you not take care of yourself!

Why would he care if she didn't? Why would anyone have? (pp. 6, II. 1-3) and "When he could not bear it any more, he got up again and lit the lamp." (pp. 6, II. 5-6).

Although he is furious at the girl's arrogance, he still does not want such a young girl to die. That's why she gets up again because he wants to help her.

George describes the girl as young and in her twenties, we can see it in the text: "those glistening dark eyes, delicate cheekbones and lips.

She was young - about twenty, maybe younger. "(Pp. 3, 11–23). Although he does not know this girl, he cares for her and wants to know how she ended up homeless.

He is also trying to find a solution for her, although this is not his problem, we can see it in the text: "A shelter, I don't know, for the homeless". (p. 4, l. 1).

George offers the girl a bed for the night, although this is not his problem and he does not know the girl, he makes me believe that he is caring and selfless: "OK. You can stay here overnight.

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