‘Sleep Well’ by John Adams | Analytical essay

People are busy with their own lives, focusing on their own problems. Although people present their lives as perfect, everyone is struggling with something.

The short story of "Sleep Well" (1993) by John Adams is a good example of how busy people are and worry about their lives. Instead, they should open their hearts and help those in need.

The short story begins in the media res, which means that we are thrown into the middle of the story.

George is probably around 30-40 years old; I assume this because he is a teacher and has a son. In the story, he also thinks about his student days, which must mean that he is an adult or an adult, we can see it in the text "thinking about his own student days" (p. 2, l.5)).

George is lonely and lonely. "He tried not to think about Elaine, his ex-wife, sleeping in an old comfortable double bed - alone?" (pp. 2, 11-30-31).

He thinks a lot about his ex-wife and it's hard to get through her. George is also insomnia, which means he has a lot of sleep problems.

He suffers from it every night. Every night he hears a lot of sounds, which makes it even harder for him to sleep. In addition to sleeping problems, the walls in the apartment are not soundproof.

He hears everything, from the door slamming to the drunken neighbor upstairs, we see it in the text here: "They had one of their disputes today, slamming the door and breaking glass." (pp. 2, 11-14-15).

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