Fireweed | Analyse | Skye Brannon | 12 i Karakter

“Fireweed” by Skye Brannon is from the perspective of the heavily traumatized, African immigrant Baluta and his troubles of starting anew.

The story is written in 3rd person and is writing in in medias res - the reader is thrown directly into Batula’s first workday at a new employer’s place.

The year of which the story unfolds is not disclosed, however, there are clues which points us in a general direction. Ex. in line 103 the ringtone of Tiffany’s, his employers, flip phone is the song “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2 released in the year 1987 .

Furthermore, it is mentioned by Baluta’s father, in one of Baluta’s flashbacks, that diamonds have been found in the Liberian mountains (l. 94) and that “the war will be coming our way soon” (l. 95).

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