Essay “USA Land of Opportunity” | Engelsk Opgave

Everyone in present times has heard the saying “the American dream!”, and everyone has always referred to the US as being the land of opportunity. But most people don’t even know what those terms withhold historically. When you think about the US as a country in modern times it isn’t much of a dream nor a land of opportunity, but way before modern society the greatness and opportunity shined its light upon northern Europe.

What was it that made ordinary people leave their country, families and jobs, for something they had never seen, but only read and heard about? Where did these migraters come from, and how did they settle along other nationalities?
What is the US like today, is it still the land of opportunity and where the dreams come true?

Even though the world became more modernized by the industrial revolution, the immigration to America was at its prime. The push factors for a lot of European countries were race and discriminating cultures, political disagreement and cleansing of people who question the status quo. There has been a lot of reasons for the massive immigration to the US, not only the already written, but war pollution diseases and so forth, has drawn people to the US.

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