Essay, “Jesse” | Analyse

The short story “Jesse” written by Joy Boothe.
And a short resume for the text is:

The essay is about a girl and her family. The essay lasts over 22 years from the period where the girl is 5 to 27 years old.

The central point in the essay is in the narrators’ home because it is where most of the story takes place, except when the father is at work in the glue factory with his black friend, Jesse.

The girl has a father who works at Plywood Mill as a gluing foreman with other black men; “daddy” has a strong relationship with one of his colleagues named Jesse.

Jesse is a black man like the others in the factory and is therefore not a friend of the family. One day the little girl meets Jesse, and she likes him a lot.

One day Jesse gets his arm cut of at work, it means that he won’t be able to work at the glue factory anymore.

The POV in the short story “Jesse” is written in 1st person, and the affect it has on the reader is that it makes the short story more personal because you get the narrators thoughts through out the short story.

But at the same time when something is written in 1st person the text becomes more unreliable because you only get the narrators thoughts through out the short story.

One of the plots in the text is man against man, because when Jesse (black co-worker) wants to come in to the family’s house, he is not allowed to go inside by the mom because of his skin colour.

Where the mom shows some sort of anger or discomfort towards Jesse and therefore is not allowed in to the house by the mom.

Another plot is man against machine, because when they were at work on the glue factory Jesse (black co-worker) got his arm stuck in the machine and then unfortunately for him he loses his arm and gets fired from the factory because he can no longer perform at his best because of get lack of arms.

A third plot is man against society, because of how the black community are seen by the white community, and an example could be when Jesse (black co-worker) is not allowed in the house by the mom

and also in the early 60s in the southern states there was still a lot of racism and therefore there was still a bit of segregation where black people and white people had separated everything, from bus to toilets and so on.

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