”Jesse” by Joy Boothe | Engelsk opgave

”Jesse” is a short story, which is written by the author Joy Boothe. The story was published back in 2012. “Jesse” is a fictional text, and the story goes over a period of 22 years.

The story goes from one period time to another. A few years have been reframed from the text, but the jumps are still in a chronological order with no flashbacks. “Jesse” is written from a 1st person narrator’s point of view, and the story is written in present tense, which makes the story exiting and the tension is getting build up, easily.

The story takes place in the southern USA. You can easily see that the setting is old and it is a portray of the stereotypical lifestyle of the old Southern USA, because of their bearing of black men. The story takes place from the 1950ies to the 1980ies, which is 30 years apart. The family lives on a farm, out on the countryside in the state of Alabama.

The main themes in this story are racism and friendship. The themes are not shown directly, but they are however implied in the story. All of the themes has somehow been picked out or has marked an influence on the whole story.

Racism is the main theme in the story. Martin Luther King gave his speech ‘I have a dream’ in the year of 1963, the girl was eleven at that time. Martin Luther king held his speech, because of the racism against black people was still really bad at that time. It most has been a difficult and a hard time for the girl and for Jesse, because of the extreme discrimination.

Jesse, because he is black and the girl because she likes Jesse, despite what her grandmother tells her to do, and not to do. The story revolves around the color of Jesse’s skin and how different he is from white people. The girl and her dad have an open mind. They realize how good a man Jesse is, even though he is a black man, a nigger and not someone you should be around with.

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