Analytical Essay:

“Enough with the fear of fat” (2016) is a ted-talk by Kelli Jean Drinkwater. Kelli is a self-proclaimed fat-activist and advocates finding peace with your own body.

She goes on to tackle the topic of fatphobia, which is the fear of fat people. The ted-talk is about the many prejudices obese people face and the limitations these bring.

Kelli argues that being obese is perceived as being a bad person. According to her, society focuses more on the downsides of being fat rather than mental health and self-love.


“Enough with the fear of fat” (2016) is a speech by Kelli Jean Drinkwater held at Sydney ted-talks in 2016. Kelli brings up the topic of fatphobia. Fatphobia is the irrational fear and dislike of people who are not skinny.

Besides magazines and social media do not aid this way of thinking. They portray the ideal human as a skinny or muscular person. Maybe you have experienced fatphobia yourself when you have met an obese person.