All the Girls are Fat in Heaven | Essay

Society has from a young age, made us believe that beauty is only on the outside. Being skinny and tall, is today’s beauty standards, which causes a lot of teenagers to become insecure, and some may even develop eating disorders.

This is also the case in the short story “All Girls are Fat in Heaven” written by Madison Dettlinger, where a 16-year-old girl has developed an eating disorder, which has lead her to lose a lot of weight.

The short story is written like a personal diary, except the fact that she wrote it in a second person narrative, instead of a first-person narrative.

This makes it less personal, because she directed her experiences onto the readers. The writing style used in the short story, is colloquial language.

It is not formal nor slang language, which makes it easier for the readers to read and understand, what the narrator feels.

We can for instance see the colloquial language when the narrator says “When you’re sixteen and sixty-five pounds, you have to hide sometimes.”

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