Don’t ‘Allow Demagogues to Divide Us | Essay

Analytical essay

Poverty, inferiority, drug addiction, racism and inequality. These are some of the biggest problems in the USA. According to Bernie Sanders these problems are experienced and seen every day. Bernie Sanders preaches to the best of his ability to reach out and get his message across to the young graduates.

The speech is mostly focused on how the wealth and economy of the country is distributed among the citizens of the country. He speaks on how the oligarchy in the country is and how it has affected the poor. “... a handful of billionaire families are spending hundreds of millions a year to make sure that candidates who represent the rich and the powerful get elected.” (ll. 56-57).

Sanders keeps the focus of the speech on poverty and how to prevent it. He wants to keep the citizens from suffering and struggling. He gives a piece of his mind by saying: “The middle class shrinks and the poor struggle, and they will find it harder to get health care, housing, nutrition, education or clean water.” (ll. 64-66).

Sanders also slams the Republican leadership for wanting to make cuts in several social services for the poor, homeless and lower class.

These social services mainly being about health, childhood and education. He then speaks on how he wants the States to replicate other countries around the world: “We are going to do what Germany, what Scandinavia, what countries all over the world do.” (ll. 84-85).

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