Don’t allow demagogues to divide us | Analyse | Bernie


The speech „Don’t allow demagogues to divide us”, held in 2017 at Brooklyn college by Bernard „Bernie“ Sanders, the US Senate, is a speech because of the graduation of Students at this college.

Bernie tells about his childhood and that he comes from Brooklyn and graduated from this college like all the students sitting there. Then he starts telling about the condition of the US, but not really in a positive way.

He tells that their land is broken and society is in a horrible condition. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

He mentiones that many familiys don‘t have enough money to afford the simplest things.

At the end he includes the students and asks them to help the US become the nation they all know they can become.


A college graduation is a happy time where young people finish schooling and can start their adult life. But starting adulthood by being told how bad the society they are going to live in is might be taking it a bit too far.

Yet this is what we hear in „don’t allow demagogues to divide us“ which is a graduation speech about this exact thing.

Don’t allow demagogues to divide us is a speech written and held by Bernie Sanders who is a democratic politician from the united states.

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