Bernie Sander | Speech | Analysis | 10 i karakter

Bernie Sanders is a democratic politician, who believes that the state should be in more control and that the workers should have more freedom.

The speech was held in 2017 at Brooklyn college. He is talking to the graduates from Brooklyn college, but he also used the opportunity to reach out to larger audiences because the speech was video-recorded.

The speech is structured, he starts introducing himself, then he explores different aspects of the topic, and lastly, he ends by suggesting some solutions to the issue he explores.

Sanders starts the speech by congratulating the graders and thanking them for letting him be there today, saying: “Let me begin by congratulating the graduating class of 2017” (line 1).

Furthermore, he introduces himself. “I grew up in Flatbush and graduated from James Madison High School” (line 8).

He used the fact that he grew up in Brooklyn and that he studied at the same school, as they did. He mentions this in the speech, to make some kind of connection between him and the audience, as well as making them identify with him.

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