Donald trump doesn’t think about corona | Analysis

Denmark is hard hit by the corona these days, and they will therefore have to close down most parts of municipalities.

they have had many infected here lately and therefore their everyday life is not as it used to be.

But the president Trump is not really doing anything about it because he mostly thinks about the false allegations of electoral fraud.

it is mostly Joe Biden fans who have read this article, and some Trump fans because there are written very negatively about Trump.

I'm pretty sure it's that it's mostly older people who read both the Guardian and the article

Many circumstances cause the writer to write that article, and if we take an example, then the new president-elect has influenced t rump a lot because he thinks there's been election cheating.

Trump now goes around thinking a lot about the election, and not so much about the people who die from Corona, and just the virus itself.

the citizens are very afraid that he does not take this seriously, while more people and more people become infected. They also fear he didn't listen to them.

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