Denmark is hard hit by the corona these days, and they will therefore have to close down most parts of municipalities.

they have had many infected here lately and therefore their everyday life is not as it used to be. But the president Trump is not really doing anything about it because he mostly thinks about the false allegations of electoral fraud.

This essay will give an example of exactly this, through a rhetorical analysis of the article "Donald Trump stays silent as the US sees record 2,804 coronavirus deaths in a day

"by David Smith, which will focus firstly, on the language and linguistic features of the article, secondly, the use of modes of appeal by the author.

The text is written in a formal language, which means that there are many difficult words, and there are many long sentences.

but I think they've written it informal language because it's mostly the politician who goes in and reads these battle types of articles, and not normal citizens like us.

There are many examples with long sentences and words “But Trump spent the election promising his campaign rallies – with few face masks and little physical distancing – that America was “rounding the turn” on the pandemic and the media would pay it no attention once the votes were in.”

In the text, one can see that the Guardian is going against Donald Trump. They do this by comparing the Corona crisis with 9/11.

after comparing it, they started punching Donald Trump right after, so there is no doubt that they are putting Trump in a bad position.

Example “On Wednesday, when the pandemic death toll hit its record, he released a 46-minute videotaped speech that spread lies and disinformation about voter fraud.” in this example, one can see how indifferent trump is