The Silent Youth | Debating Essay | Engelsk

As we know the UK and EU are negotiating an agreement for the British withdrawal of the EU.
Which in daily speech are called Brexit. In June 2016 the referendum was held, where they needed to vote for or against leaving the EU and therefore starting Brexit. The vote was a neck-and-neck race but came out to leave the EU, but the age demographic in the Brexit referendum is well-known.

Because 60% of people over 60 voted for Brexit, where it only was 27% of people under 24 that voted for Brexit. In the combination of people in the UK, there is a clear majority of older people compared to young people. This has a lot to say when the referendum was held because it was easier for those who are in favor of Brexit to outnumber those who aren't in favor of Brexit. The reason why the elderly is with Brexit is that times have changed when they finished university they did not have as high debt as young people have now, together with the fact that they had a better and more stable opportunity to get a job.

It could be inequality, but when the young people had to stand up for themselves, there was a lower turnout among the young people when the vote happened, which meant that if the elderly were not already in the majority, it came now. But the older generation of voters has deprived a younger generation of future opportunities because they cannot see for themselves the problems that Brexit creates and that it will probably never be a real problem for them.

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