Children being overweight | Engelsk Essay | 12 i Karakter

Did you know there are 41 million children in the world who are overweight or at the risk of obesity? Obesity is a pernicious and virulent disease.

The leading cause of obesity is a deficiency in proper nutrition, intake of too many sugars, and the lack of exercise.

It Obesity is a curable disease, so it is a disease we can withstand and reduce. This disease can cause many misfortunes such as physical, and psychological outcomes, as well as death.

In our modern society, parents do not have much control over their children’s screen time. Parent’s s’ interaction with their children has declined sunken in the past decade

as the parents are now more reliable on technology to entertain their children. As a result, people claim that excessive screen time and obesity have no relation to each other

which is completely wrong pas på dette ikke blvier dit eget postulat… du skal have nogle andre, der siger det. Excessive screen time leads to addiction, which causes the lack of activity.

Activity plays a big role in our health and weight; as activity helps in cracking down fat and fights off obesity.

Furthermore, Children these days are spiraling out of control and the parents couldn’t care less, the children are eating unhealthily, and they are not being active, which both contribute into obesity.

Pas nu på, du får det til at lyde som om ALLE forældre I hele verden opdrager på den samme made. Det gør de ikke og derfor må du ikke bare skrive det som om det var fakta!

According to a study made by Dr. Wilson from Harvard university, obese children’s screen time is 70% higher than the normal children’s screen time.

Referring to the above mentioned – det er ikke en retsag stated evidence, screen time has something to do with being obese.

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