The Middle Children | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

The race you had and the skin color you had back in the days had a huge impact on whether or not you could get access to stuff, and your race determined your privileged, and there was a big difference from being one race to another.

People know the term as white privilege, where you as a white male or female could get access to stuff other races could not get access to, such as better seats in the train, better education and so on.

The language in the short story is easy to understand. The story is written out of the point of view of Sabah, and by that you get to see the life through her eyes.

The short story is also mostly built up by a dialogue between the characters in the story, which gives a clear perspective of who they are and gives a lot of details about them, such as “Yes.

We live in Newlands now. Im still with Wolfie.” (P 22. L 2-3). That gives details about Stephanie, and it is easy to understand.

That information is giving by the conversation and questions that Sabah and Stephanie are asking each other.

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