The North English children are the victims, or are they? | Engelsk Opgave

A new report from The Children's Commissioner for England shows a major inequality between children from the North and the South in England. The report shows, for example

“A child from a low-income family in London is three times more likely to go to university than in Hartlepool, according to the report.”

This inequality is just one of many described in the report. Many other points point to the increasing inequality found between the north and south of England

It can be hard to argue against inequality is a good thing. However, it is also clear that the angle of this story is critical to inequality.

It is important to remember that in England, they have a generally far more liberal approach to the economy of the country, especially compared to the Scandinavian countries more socialist approach.

In England, at that time were the article was written, Theresa May was the prime minister. The Conservative Party was in power at that time, and it still does today. Today Boris Johnson is the prime minister of the party.

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