Formal e-mail for your English teacher | Engelsk opgave

I enjoy studying English. One of the reasons is that English is such an international language so a lot of countries in the world use English as their common language to communicate with. I use English almost every day in movies, series, books or just on social media.

But I will still say that English is a subject I found very difficult. I prefer to write English instead of speaking English. When I speak English, I feel very insecure about myself.

I have been to both California, Florida, and London. I like the USA, but I also find the UK a very beautiful place to visit.

I was in California for the first time in 2013, we were visiting some family who lives in Los Angeles and then we just drove around and saw a lot of cities.

2 years later I was in Florida it was also an insane experience. But the trip to Florida was much more nature and landscape. About a year ago I was in London. I think London is a so beautiful and different city compared to many other places I've been to.

I don’t have any English-speaking friends, but I would like to. I have some family in Los Angeles California. It is my dad’s cousin and her family.

But I think that knowing someone from the example the UK or the USA is a great opportunity to develop and get better at English because you learn the subject from a different perspective and with real-life experiences.

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