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Assignment 3



Date: 30th January 2021

Subject: Request on Fitchpatrick & Sons bags

Dear Ms. Dash

The reason why I am contacting you is due to your interest in Fitchpatrick & Sons’ quality bags. We are pleased with your interest in our products and therefore we would like to make you an outstanding offer.

First of all, Fitchpatrick & Sons bags is one of the highest quality bags you can find on the market. Furthermore, our designs are known for being both youthful and fashionable, and we have satisfied customers across the whole world.

We can assure you that our assortment of bags covers a wide range of different types of bags, which mainly focus on the young market.

Assignment 3
Assignment 4b – Kiss

In this short story there is three main characters, which is all equally important in the story that takes place, the woman, the man with the dreadlocks and at last the man with the backpack.

Starting off by looking at the woman outer characterization she is described as “young” (l. 10), having “blond hair in a ponytail” (l. 4) and having “pale” skin (l. 80).

She is described as “privileged” (l. 23) which means she comes from the middle class. Life has not been easy for the woman as it is later discussed that she has been sexually abused by her own father (l. 36-39).

She has not had any more luck with her mother as she also feels unloved by her mother and does not feel like she can talk to her about her struggles in life.

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