Camilla Harris at virtual global COVID-19 summit | Essay

Vice President Kamala Harris thanks them all for attending her meeting on September 22, 2021. She says that the last 19 months with a deadly virus have created revealed systemic flaws and made us more hygiene conscious.

She tells us that our world is connected to each other, and assumes that we must move on from the virus together

Analytical essay

Recipients of this speech, have a clear expectation that a global leader will of course drive citizens in a good direction, and ensure good health.

That way, she creates a tremendous amount of trust. She also uses pathos. She talks about death, and the seriousness of the pandemic.

“With every death, we have learned all too much the seriousness of that cost. And it is time, then, to act” (p. 2, l. 70).

Many have experienced deaths during this pandemic. Maybe it has been deaths close to you, if not, you have many times experienced the news talk very seriously about the deaths

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