1. Profile briefly a primary target group for the article in appendix 1. (weighting 20 %)

2. Discuss and evaluate Burberry’s use of direct and digital marketing (weighting 20 %)

3. Conduct an ad-analysis with the AIDA- model of the ad in appendix 4(weighting 20 %)

4. Relate the conclusions from q1 and q2 to other models, concepts or theories of our promotion curriculum according to you own judgement and assess why they are relevant. (weighting 40 %)

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Burberry’s Demographic for Makeup
Based on Burberry’s exposureon Pinterest, based on Pinterest statistics and the company’s branding of luxurury and being the best of british fashion, can I sketch their targeted demographic towards their makeup line.

- Age: 25-34
- Gender: Woman
- Income: Upper-middle class and higher being $75,000+ annually in the U.S.
- Ethnicity: Inclusive as their brand is global
- Generation: Primarily Millennials & late Gen X

Example of Customer Profile:
o 30-year-old woman
o Lives with husband and dog
o Living in a villa right out side of London
o Occupation:Broadcaster
o Income:$80,000
o Traits: Fun, busy, minimalistic, driven, quality over quantity mindset