Burberry Case | Afsætning

Profile briefly a primary target group for the article in appendix 1.
Discuss and evaluate Burberry’s use of direct and digital marketing.
Conduct an ad-analysis with the AIDA- model of the ad in appendix 4.

Burberry’s main platform to feed the industry its beauty products is Pinterest, meaning that the company “only” reaches the 100 million monthly users the app has. Considering a large number of users, it is obviously not a loss but had they had fewer users it would be. It is mainly women who use Pinterest, which for this segment is good, but men should not be overlooked, it is a very highly increasing segment for men as well.

Looking at the age range, both in connection with Burberry and Pinterest, it will be 18-50. Consequently, this is linked to the fact that you need a certain amount of disposable income to purchase the company's cosmetics, with some products reaching as high as 425 DKK.


Burberry is clearly making a large effort to get ahead on social media in comparison to other companies, this is not just on Pinterest. I can conclude this considering that it’s simply not the first campaign of its kind launched by the company. Back in 2015 (when we could actually go outside) they introduced an ad that “responded to consumer interaction as a part of an effort to promote its online and in-store personalization service.” This means that Burberry was one of the innovators in the industry, by introducing a snapcode to provide consumers with exclusive content.

This however does not come for free; the company is spending an increasingly great deal of money on So-Me campaigns and digital management due to their innovational ideas. Burberry has cracked the code to connecting with possible users worldwide from many different medias, among but not limited to; customer insight that enhances consumer experiences, marketing innovations, and runway shows. This otherwise very large investment is proving itself to be not just a great one, but one that will be seen as industry-changing by analysts. Back in 2016, Burberry launched their Facebook chatbot combining personal, online assistance and AI, since then they have continued to improve the system and work out great opportunities.

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