1. Profile briefly a primary target group for the article in appendix 1. (weighting 20 %)
2. Discuss and evaluate Burberry’s use of direct and digital marketing (weighting 20 %)
3. Conduct an ad-analysis with the AIDA- model of the ad in appendix 4(weighting 20 %)
4. Relate the conclusions from q1 and q2 to other models, concepts or theories of our promotion curriculum according to you own judgement and assess why they are relevant. (weighting 40 %)

Burberry Company applies both the push and pulls strategies as part of their promotion.

Burberry has various fashion shows and exhibitions for their new collections each season where their product is placed near the customer and accessable for the customer to easily purchase. With their launch of live streaming the shows and providing the format of “see now, buy now” they are taking the product directly the customer who is already aware of the brand.

Burberry is very well known and sought out brand around the globe. They have advertisements to motivate customers to buy their products. For example, their ad campaigns and social media advertisements make it so customers are aware of new drops and latest offers.

In the ad from appendix 4, the desire of potential custmers is raised because they see the potential benefit they can get from the purchase. The “Art of the Trench” campaign also motivated people to buy their trench coat through the chanel, word-of-mouth.