Brexit | a divided nation | 10 i karakter

Britain has been one of the most important members of the EU and an active member since 1973, but that is not the case anymore.

On a warm Thursday on the 23 of June 2016, around 52% of the British population voted to leave the EU.

Six days later, the exit from the EU was officially announced to the world, even though the plan said it would take at least two years before the Brexit would be completely done.Since that, the process has taken even longer.

That could give a whole new outcome of the referendum as more have reached the legal voting age and some of the elderly probably have died the past four years.

But the article also points out that only half of those between 18-24, would be certain to vote again, while 84% of those above the age of 65 were certain to vote, according to polls done by Survation .

It is of course near impossible to get the exact number, because every single person in the age groups has not answered the question.

A new article was published by BBC News at the start of January 2020, which again shed some light on if whether or not there had been a change in people’s votes.

The change was not very significant as it only had shifted by 2% in favor of staying in the EU.The interesting part was to find in the people who did not vote back in 2016, in a poll organized by BMG Research.

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