A nation of Immigrants | Essay | 12 i karakter

Barack Obama welcomed 110,000 refuges into the US in 2016, this number has been reduced to 30,000 during the start of Trump’s presidency.

And now the white house has announced that this number will be 18,000 . This is 92,000 people we are talking about. 92,000 who cloud have a better life, where they shouldn’t live in fear of dying of hunger etc.

But these 92.000 people just aren’t welcome in the US. Good Morning everybody and thanks for your hospitality, I’m glad to see so many of you here today.

However, he cannot use the argument with the economy, because a report from CNBC shows that there are a number of benefits to saying welcome to immigrants.

For example, a 1 percent increase in a country’s migrant population adds on an extra 2 percent of GDP per capita in the long term .

Simply put, these statistic means that when a country’s immigrant population rises, the country’s wealth increases, and the average income for its population increases as well.

This report also explains, that the increase in the wealth happens in two ways. It impacts productivity per worker because migrant skills often complement the existing population

and it increases the percentage of working age people in a country because immigrants tend to fall within this age bracket .

Researchers say that immigrants are good for business, because they are risk takers, it’s because migration is a risk, meaning the type of person who chooses to migrate tends to be more entrepreneurial .

But of cause immigration also have some negative short-term effects on the economy. For example, it states that “Immigration has very small effects on American wages, but it has pushed down wages in farming and construction” .

However, the consequences of this are not all negative, as it keeps food cheaper . Also, the fact that governments spend more money on immigrants’ education than on education for American-born citizens .

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