The Oppression Of Immigrants | Essay | 12 i karakter

Kevin Powell is the author of this article. As he clearly points out in the opening statement, he is not an immigrant himself.

However, he is an Afro-American, and he insists that there are certain significant correlations between the situation of immigrants and the situation of the Afro-Americans.

The article is written in a formal language as seen from the use of terminology and the lengthy and complicated phrases that Powell proceeds to explain the life, history and importance of life amongst both Americans and immigrants.

Powell's text is a sharp criticism of a rigid immigration policy and hostile rhetoric against immigrants.

Powell argues that immigrants have had a significant influence and importance on the country's history-in line with the importance of the Americans.

Amidst this, though, violence and intolerance have been endured among all communities throughout history. Powell's criticism is directed at the Trump administration, which has also been particularly brutal against immigrants.

The Article 'Why do we hate immigrants? "The author's explanation of his history initiates with Kevin Powell. Powell states he's not an immigrant, and he's talking about his ancestor's past as slaves brought from Africa to the United States.

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