A nation of immigrants | Engelsk Essay | 10 i Karakter

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Sofie Poulsen and I am studying American culture and history at Boston University in Massachusetts.

I really appreciate being here today to give my take on trends in the current debate on immigration in the US, I hope you will enjoy it.

But first I hope you will participate in a quick poll. Would those of you who think immigrants should stay away from our country, even though it is economically weak, please raise your hands?

This brings us to the next point on our agenda which also deserves a note. This is Donald Trump and The White House opinion on the immigrants and their impact on the American identity and culture.

Donald Trump wants to stop or reduce immigration in The United States, in spite of the fact that it already has been falling by 70 % from 2018 to 2019.

Experts say that the major causes of the decline are the administrations restrictions as well as the unwelcoming tone set by the president himself.

It is really shocking how the president himself making such a statement about another race as much of his nation is consists of. But Donald Trump thinks that he preserves the American culture and Identity.

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