Good afternoon my fellow students. My name is Anton, and I am a senior, studying economy and politics on this campus.

I am honoured to have the privilege to express and grant my knowledge on the impact of immigration on American identity, culture and economy.

This speech will bring focus to what causes the very different opinions on this matter of immigration and why America can be divided while discussing this.

I am not the one to tell you what to think or what not to think. I am only expressing my opinion and thought to shine a light on this matter.

The IMF recently advised economies like the US to open up their borders to immigrants, to avoid a bigger margin of elder citizens, since the child pr. woman has fallen from 2,1 to 1,7, because the immigrants will contribute greatly to society.

Will is now very eager to speak, and it is obvious by his facial expression that he doesn’t agree with Bills words.

Will now rants that the goddamn fence jumpers are taking American jobs and companies are substituting American labour for illegal Mexicans and has pushed down wages.

Will yells that they don’t pay taxes and are simply running from the taxes they couldn’t pay in their own country.

So, what is this now all about? Is what will is saying wrong? Didn’t I just agree with Bills words? Yes, what bill is saying is still true, but what Will was trying to say is also kind of true.

Illegal immigrants have been a huge issue for the United States for decades. A lot of industries rely on undocumented workers because of the benefits that come with that.