A divided Britain | Engelsk

Britain has a hard time breaking the pattern leading to a more divided society. Social mobility is a deep problem that is getting worse for an entire generation of young people.

An unfair education system, two-tier labor market, unaffordable housing, and regionally imbalanced economy are some of the reasons a large group of young people is being held back from achieving their “dream job”.

Young people from poor households are six times less likely to go to Oxford or Cambridge and only one out of eight from low-income backgrounds will become high earners .

It is clear that Britain has a problem, the poorest households are getting poorer for each generation and the richest are getting richer. An equal society is impossible, but a society going in a totally wrong direction is a massive problem. In my opinion, Britain has to change their education system to affect its social mobility and to get a more effective labor market.

Social mobility is a regional problem. Children living in London have the highest chance of improving their lives and get to the top of society, while those in West Somerset have the lowest states a report produced for the government.

BBC claims in their video “Social mobility in West Somerset” that West Somerset has the lowest level of social mobility in the country due to their high house prices, low wages, and a low number of skilled jobs .

A statistic done by ‘Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission’ shows that a state like North Somerset is doing well what depends on social mobility because of their good nursery schools and a high number of young people going into employment or training after finishing school .

Another regional problem is free internships. In Poppy Noor’s article, she states that some young people will take up free internships to get the career they have dreamed about. “Being expected to work for free is a scourge for all young people, but it feels insurmountable if you don’t have money from your family.”

Nowadays society expects young people to take free internships to gain their dream job which people like Poppy, who comes from a free school meals background, cannot afford.

She says that all of these free internships are located in London, the most expensive city in the country. This means if you do not have friends or relatives there, or money to put up while you work for free, you are locked out based on your background .

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