Boris Johnson speech | Analytical essay

Analytical essay:

Boris Johnsons speech was published I “BBC website” on July 24, 2019 and viewed October 2019. Boris Johnson holds his first speech as Prime Minister. Johnson starts his speech by accepting what the Queen has asked him to do in terms of forming a government.

Afterwards, he talks about Brexit, and that Britain will leave the European Parliament in October 31. Furthermore, Johnson criticizing the people of Britain, who do not agree to leave the European Parliament.

Consequently, he promises the people a very better agreement and a new partnership with Europa. In addition, he talks about his further plans for the nation

and that he will focus on Britain’s issues with healthcare, social care and education. He ends his speech by mentioning some of Britain’s forces.


The speech “First speech as PM in full” is held by Boris Johnson. He held the speech as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on July 24th

2019. Johnson has to establish a very good first impression and appear as a competent Prime Minister, because it is his first speech to the people of the United Kingdom.

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