Bearnie Sanders commencements speech | Analysis


Bearnie Sanders´ commencements speech in 2017; “Don´t allow Demagogues to divide us,” discusses different topics such as inequality and discrimination in America.

He attempts to connect with his young audience, from the Brooklyn College, by expressing his message in a knowledgeable and wise way. The speech is a harsh critic of the American justice, education and democratic system.

Sanders´ wishes to motivate the younger generation to help make a change and reclaim the American democracy. He draws experiences from his own childhood

to show how aware he is of alle the troubles the millions of Americans are going through. The goal is to diminish all inequality based upon race, religious beliefs, gender or sexual orientation. This will be the start of a new America.


The utterly famous quote: “think big, not small” was how Bernie Sanders decided to end his commencements speech in Brooklyn. A clear vision of what we want in life is required to be successful, and therefore it is essential to be thinking big.

The concept of the phrase requires an individual to find a goal that they will achieve through their own means. Furthermore, it allows the individual to slowly plan each step they take towards their goals.

This is exactly what Bernie Sander´s attempts to do in his speech “Don´t allow Demagogues to divide us” where expresses his fear for the direction the country is headed

as for the current division, based on inequality, that the corrupt government is leading. As his audience are very young and may not know as much, he presents the idea of thinking bigger.

In the beginning of the speech Sanders talks on his family´s struggles towards freedom through 2 main aspects. The first on being him growing up in a family with financial struggles.

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