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Analytical Essay on Autism

The Opinion piece appeals to the audience in many ways
- Logos:
- Ethos:
- Pathos:

The intention of this narrative



According to the Guardian (2021), The writer is referring to the Autism person's plight. The presenter is expressing their belief that autistic persons are not worthless.

People should not regard them as less capable human beings who cannot contribute to the world. For example, the Respondent was disseminating his depiction as a former nuclear submarine commander.

That is a very senior position that necessitates a great deal of concentration and accurate computations. Actually, he was stating that if you make a stupid error, you will drown and perish

along with everyone else on board the submarine. He claims that the capacity to concentrate and execute on the intricacy of the business came easy to him and that he was reasonably practical at it.

Even though he was born autistic, he managed to succeed. The author's message claims that his autism helped him become a more brilliant navy commander.

I believe the positions pushed him to work much harder and pay greater attention to detail. Autistic people are born with cognitive deficits. As a result, their competence is lower than the average person's.

Besides that, their situation has a significant impact on their social relationships with the rest of society. The fact that he is a senior submarine commander despite being autistic sends a powerful signal to the rest of us that autistic individuals are just as smart

intelligent, and capable of holding any prominent position in society. As a result, they should not be despised, stigmatized, or dismissed as scum.

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