Attention Economy | 10 i karakter

Everyone knows the sound of getting a notification. Everyone knows the tingling sensation in their fingertips because you just have to check what it was.

The technology has evolved significantly in the recent decades, and as a result of that, people have started questioning the effect of using the internet to such an extent.

This is a well-discussed topic, but one thing is for sure -your phone takes your attention and prevents you from being in the moment.

The article Innocence lost: what did you do before the internet? is a magnificent example of questioning the internet.

The sender is Leah Mclaren, who is a Canadian author and newspaper columnist based in London.

In the article she uses a simile to compare the old generation which she describes as being her father’s generation and partly her own, and then the digital generation who grew up with the internet as a learning tool.

By using antithesis she describes the digital generation with a lot of negative connotations. The effect of using negative connotations is that she gets support from the reader, because they more easily surrender and get the same attitude towards the subject.

The internet steels our attention, so we don’t live in the moment. Our ability to be present disappears, because you constantly need to check social media to see if you have missed anything.

The technological development almost requires that you have to be a part of the digital generation because the society has also become more digital.

The technological development has led to the concept attention economy. Attention economy is the approach to information that treats human attention as a scarce commodity.

In the video It’s People Like Us, Bjorn Nansen means, that attention equals money, and that is what the companies want.

This is supported by the article, where ICO has designed an age-appropriate design code, which is an app for minors who would completely revolutionize the digital landscape for children.

Nansen believes that companies want to grab people’s attention for the longest time. This statement is supported by McLaren, who believes that money means more to the individual today than back in time.

Back then, people appreciated presence, opposite the generation today, who wants a device where you can be online with your friends.

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