The premier league and the economy behind | SRO

As the United Kingdom being one of the biggest economies in the world, this will always go in and affect a broad variety of things.

One of these being the biggest football league in the world, the English Premier League. The Premier League has been one of the biggest football leagues for decades, with a lot of history and a lot of money being involved.

In this assignment, I will look into how the whole money flow works, inside the biggest football league in the world. I will see how each club is put together when it comes to their economy.

The main focus will be to see how the clubs handled the COVID-19 crisis, how it affected the economy, and how it may or may not have affected the BNP in the UK.

Along with this, there will be a focus, on how the club's economic development is looking here after the crisis. Such as how can they come up and be economically wise as before COVID-19, and how the supporter behavior has been under COVID-19.

Front pages – 1-2 Resume - 3
Introduction - 4

Methodology – 4-5

Accounting for the premier league and its economy – 5-7

Arsenal’s economic situation before and after COVID-19 – 7-9 What should Arsenal do after COVID-19? – 9-10
Conclusion – 11
Bibliography - 11

For the analyzing part, I’ve chosen to use the SWOT model and to dig down in the UKs GNP to look at how much the Premier League is affecting it.

For the Swot model, I will take a focus on one specific club, which is going to be Arsenal. I will take a look at how they have been doing in recent years along with 2020 to give me an insight into how hard COVID-19 hit Arsenal as a club.

I’m going to look at some of Arsenal's weaknesses and will come with my options, for Arsenal's future growth. Along with some of their biggest threats not only from 2020 but also, in general

to see what they need to do better to become a flawless club. All of this will give a good base to fill in this SWOT model, which is going to help us get an advanced insight into the club.

The GNP part will be an overall look at all of the 20 clubs, to see how much they contribute to the national GNP and how much of this money actually is from the UK and where they might be from.

This part will give us an insight into the money actually is from the UK, or if its fans from around the world.


When talking about the premier league, everybody knows that you are talking about the big football league in the UK. The premier league or the EPL as its also called was actually first founded in 1992, so 28 years ago doesn’t sound like much.

The reason for this was that they actually changed its name from Football League First Division to, Premier league to secure a more lucrative tv-deal.

This was expected to bring in approximately 1 billion a year from commercial rights, but latest numbers show that the 1 billion has changed to 3.9 billon.1

Clubs in the Premier League has made a lot of progress towards to reward fans and advertise the match day program for every one of every age.

This confirms that Clubs have a motivated, loud and supportive fan base for games both payed at home and away.

Clubs make ticket accessible at distinctive cost points and offer an assortment of discounts, counting devotion reward schemes and age-based concessions.

In expansion, numerous clubs select to solidify their ticket cost from season to season. The framework of discounts implies that more than half of present fans pay less than the total recorded cost.

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