- What do you think are the writer’s primary intentions with the text? (Note: It is sometimes an advantage to consider the intention both before and after considering the other elements of the pentagram)

Create awareness – strained relationships between fathers and sons – how it can affect the son if the father is not involved/the relationship is difficult.

- Circumstances: In what context was the text created? What events – relevant to the topic – in the personal/professional history of writer have led up to the writing of the text?

“Over the years of working with men in therapy, I discovered that the issues that so often come up about careers or relationships could often be traced back, sooner or later, to the lack of relationship with their fathers.” (p.1 l.8-11) Also personal experience with the topic.

- Language/Structure: Is the language and tone of the text formal or informal?2 Is the language complicated with a lot of professional concept (fagbegreber) and advanced vocabulary?

3 Is there anything interesting to say about the structure? For example consider how the text starts – i.e. how the writer chooses to introduce the topic.