Aspects of the fences | Essay

Globalisation has a lot of positive aspects to it but also some negative. The positive aspects are that with globalisation only the best products get sold, because the market is full of so many things and products.

This means that every business must be really effective and innovative in regards to their own brand otherwise they won’t survive, which is why globalisation makes sure that we as consumers get the best of the best.

Globalisation also creates a lot of inequality. In rich countries the cheap labour gets outsourced and because of that, inequality in rich countries will rise, because the fact that the work they do is outsourced to countries that does the same job but cheaper, leads to a lot of people in rich countries ending up without jobs.

She talks about how there are good and bad fences. There are some fences that we need to keep and some that we need to take down. A bad fence is: “There is a real if invisible fence that goes up around clean water in Soweto when prices skyrocket owing to privatization” .

This fence results in people in Soweto having to pay to get clean water and if they do not have the money for clean water, they will have to drink it dirty.

This happened because the water cleaning used to be government owned, but then someone wanted to earn money from it so they ‘privatized’ it, even though that now means that some people cannot get clean water.

This creates inequality, because if you have a lot of money you can get clean water and stay healthy and while water may not be that big of an expense for people with a high income, itmost likely is a large expensefor people with a low income.

Also if the people who can’t pay for the clean water gets sick, they will have to pay for the medicine too and by that get even poorer.

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