Aspects of globalisation | 10 i karakter

Globalisation by definition is the opening of a country’s economy to the world market through in-ternational competition.

Globalisation in general is the interaction between countries through trade, production, culture or religion. With the concept of globalisation, it comes with advantages and disadvantages.

But a CSR strategy also has downsides. First of all, it´s extremely expensive to implement and is not recommend for smaller companies.

Another downside is if a company promotes an ethical and socially responsible production, they can end up hurting their own reputation through the infor-mation they shared, this is especially relevant with the brilliant invention of the Internet, which makes it easier than ever to connect to one another.

Information is easily accessible and travels freely through the use of social media. Globalisation has given knowledge to western society about how the rest of the world lives, primarily Third World Countries.

This knowledge has influenced some people who now demand that their favourite brand have to run a responsible business even with the outsourcing of the production.

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